Farm Sales

Here at Arcadian Acres we are proud to offer:



-Shares in our Dutch Belted milking herd.
100% grass fed organic (non certified) raw milk from our 100% pure Dutch Belted cattle through our herdshare program. We use the only herdshare contract written specifically in reflection of Ohio’s Revised Code, and that has upheld in Ohio courts. Shares are a one time fee of $75 to purchase the share, which we buy back from you if you ever decide to leave the program. In addition to the one time fee, we charge a $35/month/share milking/boarding fee to take care of your share of the herd. You then collect your share of the herd’s milk production weekly, amounts do vary depending on several factors. Heifers or bulls are sometimes available as well. Call or email for more details or to inquire about share availability.
***Please note we do NOT sell raw milk under any circumstance***
***Unfortunately, thanks to ignorant and oppressive federal laws: Ohio residents only.***

– Red Wattle Hogs.
Acclaimed by the Arc of Taste and Slow Food movement as the best and most flavorful pork, we offer all cuts individually skin, fat, and bone on; as well as all oddities (organs, snout, ear, tail, etc), and all fat and skin. If you’re looking for a bulk order to fill your freezer, you may purchase a half or whole hog at a discounted price per pound based on hanging weight, then pay the butcher to process it to your exact specifications. We farrow in an open barn with deep bedding straw, NOT a crate. After weaning, pigs are rotated on pasture and finished in woods filled with oak, hickory, beech, walnut, sassafras, and pawpaw trees which provide a multitude of finishing flavors. Pigs are also fed a small supplement of soy-free certified organic grains and minerals, as well as locally sourced non-certified organic whey in addition to their natural forage. Feeders and breeders are sometimes also available upon request. Please do not hesitate to contact with questions, comments, or orders!



– Randall Cattle Rose Veal.
A truly rare and wonderful treat; orders for this exquisite taste of American history fill up fast, sometimes requiring the “reserve” of the next available animal. Raised on pasture with their mothers and the rest of the Randall herd till weaning time (around 10 months), this is NOT the poorly kept, white veal people are used to. Keeping them on pasture with their mothers and the herd, they get the full happy socialized lives cows should have, as well as the well rounded nutritional intake of both milk AND grass. The iron from the grass turns the meat a rosy color, hence the name rose veal. I can honestly say in my years of high end culinary work prior to farming, that Randal Rose Veal is in a category all its own, and is a must try for any foodie, locavore, or culinary connoisseur. Heifers and bull calves are occasionally available but have extensive waiting lists. Prices vary, so please contact with questions and orders.



– Heritage Eggs & Chicken.
Our layers are free to roam the yards, pastures and woods. All have not had any chemical usage if any, in over 30 years. They are let out and fed a small supplement of soy-free certified organic grains and mineral mix first thing in the mornings, and either let themselves into their coops at night or find a nice roosting spot to spend the night. Mixed sampler dozen eating eggs are available for $5/doz when in stock.
The roosters follow the pigs and cows around the fields and woods until they are large enough to process for the table and are as well fed a small supplement of soy-free certified organic freed. Whole plucked are also available for $5/lbs, this includes the neck, lungs, heart, and liver separate. We process them ourselves here at the farm using the most humane methods we have found in our extensive research. Breed depends on supply. Call or email with any questions.